Constructive & Challenging

To achieve our construction ambitions, we count on a team of like-minded people every day. We are constructive challengers with a unique DNA, which forms the foundation of every successful achievement.

A challenge has different faces. Especially when it comes to industrial buildings.

Sometimes it’s about practicality. The production process. Machines and installations. The engineering that requires the building to be the logical consequence.

Then about the aesthetic. The degree of finish. Innovative materials. Architectural highlights that make the building unique.

But these projects are always about finding answers to complex questions.

That is our strength. At edibo, we think constructively about the challenges you intend to pose to your building. Our engineering office will analyse your floor plans. They will suggest optimisations. They will looks for alternatives with you.

They can then link up with the site quickly. That’s the beauty of an agile team. Processes that are tuned for those inevitable last-minute adjustments on site. And that are designed to do everything to meet that final completion date.

We challenge buildings to get the most out of them for you. For your products. For your production processes. For your specific challenge.

edibo, challenging buildings


Teamwork from all work disciplines is a must to successfully complete challenging, high-difficulty projects. Because constructive solutions are even better if they can be developed as part of a team. Different ideas and angles can be suggested and considered.


Teamwork starts with trust. Trust in your own abilities, as well as those of your teammates. Trusting each other, being trusted, and taking responsibility.

Results oriented

Opinions may clash. Visions may differ. But everything we do is constructive. Don’t tear it down, build it up. Everyone tries to add something from his or her role.


At edibo, we need people who grab work. Who do not wait, but are already working on the next step. With their own ideas – who, if necessary, dare to tread the untrodden path.


Industrial construction is all about agility. Our challengers think and act quickly, and they are not fooled by last minute adjustments or unexpected circumstances.

Pleased to meet you, team edibo

The success of a project starts with strong interaction between the different departments. An overview of all our teams within edibo, on and off the construction site.

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