In the spring of 2022, we started an intensive trajectory towards a heightened safety culture within edibo. After an extensive preliminary stage, it is now time for action. It is up to a select group of edibo ambassadors: right now, we are translating our new safety values to concrete safety initiatives; trans-departmentally.

5 central safety values

30 Augustus 2022, 6 o’clock in the morning. There’s a much larger gathering in the steel workshop than on a regular workday. Office and site employees are present in large numbers. The request to attend with as many as possible for the presentation of the new edibo safety values was clearly heard and understood.

Accompanied by a couple of boxes filled with delicious pastries and matching caffeine, our ambassadors take the floor. For months, they have demonstrated their involvement in shaping these safety values. They are now the face and contact point of an ambitious action plan that has one clear goal: to boost safety awareness among our constructive challengers.

100% safe or not safe at all

In the past year, we were guided by an external coaching partner to activate as many colleagues as possible in to sharing their observations in the field of safety.

This resulted in a large stack of feedback and many interesting insights, that were transformed into a step-by-step plan that will continue well into 2024. In the lead: our edibo safety ambassadors. In close collaboration with management, they will do everything in their powers to develop a broad-based safety culture, the motto being: we are doing it safely or we are not doing it at all.

5 collectively decided safety values will be the starting point within our future safety policy.

Directors in the field

Currently there are different specific initiatives to enhance the safety mentality among our constructive challengers, including a lot of practical actions. Examples are applying better defined floor markings or planning weekly cleaning moments in the workshop (Order and Cleanliness) but also organising specific work groups, for instance with regard to the safe installation of roof edges.

Then, we will award the opportunity to follow the footsteps of a colleague (Learning). Think of a project leader wanting to accompany a land surveyor or a workshop worker who would love to see how his work is assembled on site.

The various managing directors at edibo are also contributing; by addressing site teams separately about the use of personal protective equipment (Responsible) or by involving subcontractors in the safety trajectory. Long-term, we even hope to establish a charter where we can officially specify this joint engagement with our external partners.

We will use the next couple of months to massively promote our safety values, so that every colleague can treat feedback accordingly (Respect) and for us to develop an efficient subculture (Reporting).

Is safety your priority as well?

Do you agree that there are no half measures when it comes to safety? At edibo, there’s a team of challengers at the ready to use 100% safety as a foundation on and next to the site for a cost-efficient construction plan.

In other words, partnering with us means that we have laser-vision for every step. Do you want to learn more about our way of working? Contact us for a meeting and take a look at our various realisations in the meantime.