One of the two main pillars of our HR-policy – besides a flexible methodology in all its aspects – is a strong work floor performance. Centralised here is the personal development of every individual constructive challenger. To reinforce our goals, we started the edibo Academy in 2021. In this light, we decided to completely re-evaluate our approach around training courses and upskilling.

More than safety

When at the start of 2021 the three new edibo shareholders rolled out their future plans for the next five years, a qualitative upgrade of our training courses was at the top of the to-do list.

The goal: to break free from the traditional, ad hoc safety days that are often the only presented option in the (industrial) construction industry. At edibo, we deliberately wanted to go for another approach. This led to the organisation of the very first edibo Academy, in first instance oriented towards our construction workers.

The focus of edibo Academy? We feel that safety, quality, technical skills and soft skills should be included in every aspect of our construction activities. From interpreting a construction plan to manoeuvring a cherry picker, but, by no longer viewing these aspects purely individually; instead, we want to offer broader and especially more versatile courses to our workers.

In-house courses

Moreover, we intend to bring all our site workers, project and site leaders together on our edibo sites for a customised training day, once or twice a year. Included are all the interim workers and our co-workers in Lommel and Fernelmont, but also Eindhoven and Antwerp. This way, we are giving them the opportunity to brainstorm collectively and to work together, to catch up, with coffee and cake, or a sandwich.

In September of 2021, we launched the very first official edibo Academy on our site in Lommel. During a richly-filled day we presented about ten interesting workshops to our construction workers, who through a rotation system could choose and attend seven of them.

Some of the courses we included: interpreting standard details, using land surveying equipment on site, carrying out façade masonry, using digital programmes, setting up scaffolds and stair towers, correct wearing of the safety harness…

After the courses, we collect as much documentation as possible on a central online platform. For instance, in the form of manuals, written summaries and video recordings.

Expansion plans starting in the fall

Following a successful first edition of our edibo Academy for our construction workers, our workshop and warehouse colleagues get to go next. Just like their colleagues on sites, they get to come together for a versatile day course once or twice a year.

For our colleagues in the various offices, we also have a lot of brain food to offer. For them, we provide a course of about two hours each month, explaining the latest state of affairs of the most recent programmes and applications in their specific fields. Planned start date: annual construction leave 2022.

Building with a partner who is always up to date?

At edibo, we invest in advanced and versatile courses because we are convinced that this will be an added value in the short run as well as long-term. Not only for the careers of our constructive challengers and the positive impact to our company but also to every project they engage themselves in.

Do you also prefer working with an industrial construction contractor who is up to date on the latest trends, materials, applications and industry developments? Then let’s stick our heads together to bring our visions together. You can contact us here for a meeting or for any questions you might have.