Every year, we commit ourselves to a new good cause. In 2023, we will be collecting money for the Flemisch organisation Fight against Cancer, to combat a disease that majorly challenged two of our own colleagues in the past year. Luckily, they recovered and we wish the same upon everyone, supporting them with our actions. For the child cancer organisation Menno’s Droom vzw, we have already set up an additional initiative. To support them, we distributed loads of chocolates to all our employees during the Sinterklaas days.

That a good cause can lead to new, beautiful initiatives on the work floor, is demonstrated by the Walking Thursdays at the edibo headquarters in Lommel, Belgium. It all started with a walking initiative to raise money for the MS Liga Flanders in 2022. Half a year later, our colleagues over there still love those walk and every two weeks, they go out for an enjoyable midday stroll in the nearby forest area, that they now lovingly call the ‘edibo forest’.