Every now and then, a new project crosses our paths that is not entirely in our core business. For the construction of this new build care facility in Maastricht, our edibo team in Eindhoven had to tap into its creative side. Estimator-salesman Danny Wintjens enjoys looking back on this challenge.

The project

This new build care facility consists of different housing units, each equipped with a separate living space, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area. The residents are supervised 24/7. The night guards also have their own sleeping area, located next to a common room.

  • Steel structure with round steel columns
  • Concrete prefab floor elements and cast-in-place concrete basement
  • Roof deck with green roof
  • Insulated timber-frame walls as basis for the façade finishing
  • Façade finishing in padouk slatted cladding (upper floor) and stone strips (ground floor)
  • Interior finishing, including technical installations
  • Steel fencing and spiral staircase
  • Outdoor construction and pavement

Total project on a smaller scale

For edibo, this certainly wasn’t an everyday project, in multiple aspects. First and foremost, we don’t get to work with a timber frame construction that often. This project, however, was perfectly suited for this.

Important for the client, who had already found a tenant for the new construction, was to deliver as quickly and economically-efficient as possible. In close consultation with the architect, we decided to work with timber frame elements, seamlessly modelled to our own industrial procedure.

Further, this project was on a somewhat smaller scale than we are used to. Limited work space and busy site traffic require additional attention, planning and coordination, from our own employees as well as with the other contractors on site.

Priority interior finishing

Given the importance of a fast delivery, we tried to maximally save time by making sure the construction was wind and watertight as soon as possible. Thanks to the timber-frame elements, we were able to take a substantial lead compared to traditional masonry and hence, start with the interior finishing sooner.

Composition of close collaboration and details

As main coordinator of the site activities, we were obviously in close consultation with the client and the architect during the entire construction process. This started in the design stage. Our internal research department met with the architect several times to ensure that our industrial building concept completely incorporated the architectural plan.

Our work planner also played a prominent role throughout the entire trajectory. The very high level of details and dimensioning allowed very little margin for tolerances in the finishing. The same applied to the information flow towards the rest of the team, the architect and the suppliers of the various materials.

Maximally challenged

In short, the construction of this new build care facility entailed a very comprehensive contracting assignment for our constructive challengers. A project that combined a beautiful mixture of industrial construction with a traditional look. A project that could have effortlessly been built in the traditional way but that fit the industrial image perfectly thanks to the vision of our challengers and the trust we had gained from our client and the architect.
Our creativity was challenged several times as well, with uncommon building materials and dimensioning.

Finally, a specific mention for the strong and magnificent synergy between the different challengers within team edibo. From the steel workshop in Lommel to our team in Eindhoven: this project knew how to challenge and incite us, resulting in an incredible delivery and a pleased client.

Which of your projects can challenge us?

Flexibility and creativity are two aspects that are deeply entwined into the edibo DNA. The same goes for a distinct consideration of the constructive and the aesthetic sides of the story. Are you still looking for a partner that can translate your building vision into a (semi) industrial realisation? We can give you at least one reason to convince you of our building and work method.

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