The Limburg investment company LRM was first introduced to edibo and our constructive challengers in 2014. They were the co-investor in the new construction of a 8,500 m² distribution centre for specialised tool manufacturer Ridgid. This proved to be the perfect foundation for a trustworthy and long-term cooperation.  

The project

LRM decided to contact us when their strategy was still primarily aimed towards creating new employment opportunities in Limburg, with Ridgid being one of those promising future projects.

The originally US-founded company opted to move its distribution centre for the European areas from Herentals to Sint-Truiden. The building lot was in place, the next step would be the realisation. This is what was scheduled:

  • Constructing a new 6,000 m² distribution centre
  • Constructing new head quarters with offices with a surface area of 2,500 m²
  • edibo took on the entire coordination and just about all the works, including the interior finishing, excluding technology
ridgid sint-truiden by edibo
The new buildings of the tool manufacturer needed to radiate power and versatility, just like their tools and equipment.

Hybrid structure with a high-level of finishing

Ever since the first meeting with commissioners Ridgid and LRM it became clear that this would not be a basic industrial building. The new buildings of the tool manufacturer needed to radiate power and versatility, just like their tools and equipment.

The high level of finishing in various areas, specifically in the offices, really exuded this concept:

  • Modern façade stone in various shades of grey, combined with white façade cassettes
  • Exterior joinery with integrated slat structure
  • Spacious landscape offices spanning over 11 metres, with designer interior
  • Specific attention for acoustics in the interior due to large open inner patio connecting both floors

In turn, the distribution centre has a hybrid construction, consisting of concrete columns for the building structure and wooden trusses for the roof construction.

The exterior of the hall is finished with sandwich panels in a beautifully contrasting dark grey colour.

Typical edibo?

Then-Project Manager Jo Boonen takes pride in looking back on this project, which proved to be the start of a future-oriented collaboration. “For investment company LRM, Ridgid was their first introduction to edibo.”

“Thanks to this project, they got to know us as being a well-organised Class 7 Industrial Builder and I dare say that that’s where we gained their trust. Not too long after that, we were commissioned to perform the first building stage of the new Punch Powertrain business site. It was clear that we had set the tone in Sint-Truiden.”

How about a little extra class for your industrial building?

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