The iconic Sugar Refinery in Tienen had been in serious need of a largescale roof renovation for some time. The honour of modernising the 8,000 m² roof surface – between production phases no less – was given to our constructive challengers. A project with an absolute priority for respecting a tight schedule and the clearly defined arrangements. Site Manager Jonas Segers happily takes us back to this memorable assignment.

The project

  • Disassembly of the existing 8,000 m² roof construction
  • Installation of the new roof construction: steel roof decking, PIR insulation and TPO roof insulation (synthetic)
  • Wall renovation of roof tower construction
  • Integration of continuous rooflights with opening parts
  • Safety optimisation of the new roof construction (anti-slip mats, lifeline system…)

Beets first, construction later

“Seen as the renovation took place above the production hall, our activities could only be performed outside beet season, when there was no production,” Jonas Segers explains.

“More specifically, this meant that the works needed to be completed in about four months’ time; from the end of the beet-processing period in April 2023 up to the start of the new production phase at the beginning of September. A tight schedule alright, with no margin for delay.”

Continuous consultation with maintenance teams

“Even though there was no active production, there was always staff present in the hall for maintenance, repairs and installation of machines and lines. This meant that the edibo teams had to be in constant communication with the maintenance crews in order to align schedules and activities as closely as possible.”

High level craftsmanship

“The roof renovation required an intense preparatory stage. Accurate measurements of the existing structures were one of the key elements here. We needed to check and double-check everything to prevent being confronted with erroneous materials during the works, which is not an option in times like that. This would not benefit the project, nor our own planning or that of the maintenance teams in the hall. During this preparatory stage, our surveyor made sure everything stayed on track.”

“Once the activities could get started, it was time for our installation teams and subcontractors to make the difference. Disassembling and replacing the roof panels occurred in accordance with the strictest safety regulations and with maximum attention for the continuity of the refinery while safeguarding the provisions in the hall below, for example, during bad weather conditions.”

Typical edibo?

What was edibo’s largest added value in this project, according to site manager Jonas Segers?

“It was due to our flexible approach and open communication that we managed to complete this challenging roof renovation of Tiense Suiker within the predefined – tight – schedule, always considering the other site parties and within the approved budget. In other words: another project that we can take pride in.”

How about your roof construction?

We have noticed an increase in roof renovation orders in the last few years. One of the reasons is general wear and tear, but the need for solar panels, improved roof insulation, and light and airy work environments also play their part.

Do your buildings require an essential roof renovation or are you hesitant and thinking of postponing for a few more years? We at edibo have the right expertise, precision and craftsmanship to offer accurate estimates as well as specific solutions.

Contact us to discover how we can lift your project to the next level. In the meantime, take a look at our references and some of our successfully completed projects on our website.