At edibo(sud), sustainable entrepreneurship is embedded in our DNA. That we have been carrying out the most beautiful construction challenges for over 40 years, is a nice testament to that. Sustainability, however, is more than changing with the time. Each year, we take on several concrete initiatives to enrich our sustainable workflow. Thomas Van Hooydonk, our safety, quality and environment coordinator, explains how we take this on.

Global fact

Since 2020, we at edibo commit ourselves to embody the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations on and next to our sites as well as possible, in light of the Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Concretely, these are sustainable initiatives that can be subdivided into five categories: People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnership.

Examples of these development goals are: no poverty, affordable and sustainable energy, decent work, reduction of inequality… The intention is to engage everyone in society as much as possible in this sustainability story. Including: construction companies.

More than just donating

“In order to meet the goals of the Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship, we take on at least 15 concrete sustainability initiatives each year”, explains Thomas Van Hooydonk. “Over a time-span of 3 years, we intend to have launched at least one initiative for each of the 17 sustainable development goals.”

“We are now entering our third year in this trajectory. We as edibo(sud) have engaged in a lot of strong actions; we want to do more than just donating. It is our goal to bring as many unique initiatives into the world, with the well-known edibo signature, to create a win-win situation for company, environment as well as mankind. Our construction of a steel construction for a water and sanitary project in the Kenyan Goshi is a clear example of that.”

The 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.
The 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

A true eye-opener

“We started this trajectory with baseline measurement. It was a real eye-opener for us too to see how far sustainable entrepreneurship reaches. Then, it was time to set up specific actions. We involved our own colleagues as well as external partners in this.”

“After a little more than two years, we can definitely be proud of what we have achieved so far. Structurally, we have committed more to circular construction and reusing construction materials. The new construction for Logistics Capital Partners in Bilzen, that is completely in accordance with the sustainable BREEAM standards, is one of the exponents.”

“But we also try to bring the sustainability home to our sites and offices. By generating and consuming energy in a more sustainable way, by handling compressed air and air emissions more consciously, by optimising our waste management, by measuring the climate in our offices and meeting rooms, by recuperating rainwater and installing electrical charging stations, just to name a few. Up to greenifying our different sites and installing bee hotels.”

“Extra focus on man and cooperation”

In conclusion, Thomas looks ahead towards the sustainability challenges of the oncoming year. “We would like to become one of the official pioneers that help carry out these 17 goals. To do so, we need to achieve our goals 3 years in a row. So far, we are headed in the right direction.”

“One of the ways to develop our sustainable effort even more structurally in the long run, is by cooperating more intensely with subcontractors or suppliers in this field. We are working hard to achieve that at the moment.”

“Apart from that, we keep staking high for the wellbeing of our constructive challengers. During recruitment trajectories, we notice how the demand for a flexible and balanced work frame is emphasised more and more. This has led us to finetuning our home office and work hours policy, optimising our training plans and also mapping the absenteeism within the company, for a more efficient day-to-day operation.”

“By maintaining these sustainable initiatives structurally and long-term, we will be able to cooperate more flexibly, more resiliently and more efficiently with our clients and partners. And of course, keep recruiting new, strong construction talents and committing our existing constructive challengers to us for as long as possible.”

Cooperating with a genuinely sustainable construction partner?

Is a sustainable construction project all the way at the top of your priority list, just like it is on ours? Then let’s sit together to discuss your ideas. We at edibo guarantee cooperation with a building partner that knows what’s important today and tomorrow and acts accordingly, on as well as next to the site.

Contact us for more information or a non-binding meeting, and take a look at our different realisations in the meantime.